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House Lockout

House Lockout – 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

House Lockout – Left your keys in the house and didn’t realize it until after your fun day out with the kids?

Call us! We will help you.


Our 3 emergency mobile services are primarily:

But for this article we will just look at talking about all of the ins and outs of house lockouts.

People, in general get locked out of their houses for 1 of 3 reasons:

  • They forgot their key in the house
  • Their keys were stolen or lost
  • Another person in the house locked them out without realizing.

When one of the above happens, you need to call us!

This is what is known as a house lockout.

There will always be someone to talk to on the other end.

We will need to get your name, number and address.

We will text this information to our locksmiths.

Reliable & Prompt

They will call you shortly thereafter to tell you their approximate time of arrival.

They must speak with you at this time before they go over.

If they don’t get a hold of you, they are not coming!

There are so many things that can happen between your call to us and the locksmiths’ call to you such as:

  • your friend or neighbour might walk by and open your door for you
  • you might’ve found another way inside
  • someone else brings you a spare key, before the locksmith arrives

If you do find a way inside, answer his call and tell him you got in.

If he has not yet arrived and you call us, there is no fee.

24 Hour Service

If it should happen that you managed to get in just as the locksmith arrives,

then you need to pay him his $15 call out fee.

If he has not yet arrived and you call Locksmith Ottawa, there is no fee.